Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Book Notes (and a song)

OK, before I read God's Batallions, I'm going to have to read The Jesus Wars. A little historical perspective never hurts!


C. J. Mahaney on reading and forgetting.


I just received my review copy of Jeff Weddle's The Gospel-Filled Wallet. Weddle brings together two subjects, the gospel and money, which are often kept apart in the church. I'm extremely curious to get Jeff's take. I'll be reviewing the book here in a week or so.

Jeff, btw, blogs on these things here.


The authors of The Invisible Gorilla argue from science that "a state of illusion seems to be part of our neurological make-up." Yup, I noticed that. Read the review here.


And to finish off, a little folkie nostalgia:

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n. davis rosback said...

i enjoy
your writing
no matter
if it rhymes
or sings
or whispers