Friday, June 18, 2010

The Mail Carrier's been very good to me!

Mere Churchianity has finally arrived at my doorstep, I'm happy to say. The first book I've ever pre-ordered! Probability of future posts about this book: high.

Of course I hate to pay shipping for Amazon book purchases, so I always bundle a couple of books together (if I have to) in order to reach the $25 free-shipping level. In the bundle with this one was Eugene Peterson's Practice Resurrection. Of course Peterson is one of my heroes. I'll whet your own appetite by quoting from the introduction:
Americans in general have little tolerance for a centering way of life that is submissive to the conditions in which growth takes place: quiet, obscure, patient, not subject to human control and management. The American church is uneasy in these conditions. Typically, in the name of "relevance," it adapts itself to the prevailing American culture and is soon indistinguishable from that culture: talkative, noisy, busy, controlling, image-conscious.


Nate said...

Hey, I almost bundled those two books together from Amazon, too! GOod thing I opted to wait on Practice Resurrection- now I can just borrow your copy!

Steve Scott said...


We bundled it together with John Armstrong's "Your Church Is Too Small" but then I realized that I would have to wait a few months for Armstrong's book because iMonk's was pre-ordered. My wife went back in and unbundled the shipping. I got Mere Churchianity a few days ago and I'm enjoying the early pages.