Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Three

Having finished The Invasion of Canada, I'm now well into its sequel, Flames Across the Border, which continues the story of the little known conflict between the U.S. and England along the Canadian border in 1812 and 13. Fascinating tale, in which we re-learn the age old lesson that stupidity can verge over into evil very quickly, especially perhaps on a national level.


I notice Ray Bradbury just turned 90. He was definitely my favorite writer growing up, but I've been a little leery of rereading his stuff for fear of being disappointed. Would Dandelion Wine seem as wonderful to me now as it did when I was 14?


I've eliminated my book bloggers bloglist temporarily, but will be rebuilding it soon. Meanwhile, here's a list of 101 book bloggers.

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Milton Stanley said...

Ray Bradbury was also my favorite writer growing up, at least until I discovered Tolkien. I wrote to Mr. Bradbury a few years ago, and he quite graciously wrote me back. I feel the same way as you do: will The Illustrated Man or The Martian Chronicles be as wonderful now as they were then? I guess I could find out, eh? Peace.