Friday, May 28, 2010

Coffeehouse Ponderings

I'm sitting in a local coffeehouse this morning, just like all the other do-nothing bloggers! ;-)


The Blind Beggar has noticed a decline in the missional conversation among bloggers. Now that he mentions it, yeah. BB says it's so even with himself, since he's been "focused on 'doing the stuff' instead of thinking and writing about it."

Yes, there is a way that "thinking and writing" keeps us from doing. We have to watch that.


Also, well, hey, maybe it's not a conversation that really needs to go on forever. It has exerted a corrective influence on the church (in my opinion), but what lies beyond the correction? I've kind of focused my own blogroll on "missional" bloggers. This term, "missional," is not essentially about how to do church, but about application of the great commission to all aspects of life. At least that's my understanding. And I even think God is guiding me very gently in this regard.


I often wonder about broadening the content of this blog to include more of my other interests. Cultural commentary, sports, classic films, bluegrass and Americana music, etc. Maybe a summary tagline like, "Faith, Books, Music, etc." I dunno. What do you think?


Speaking of music, it was Levon Helm's 70th birthday yesterday. Levon, who came to fame as a part of the seminal roots-rock band called The Band. He's one of my musical heroes. It's a day late, but happy birthday, Levon!


I love music that shows its roots. I like musicians who are aware and inspired by their musical forebears. I'd go to a dozen bluegrass festivals every summer if I only could. The first time I ever heard bluegrass music was back in high school, the seminal bluegrass collection put out by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Will the Circle Be Unbroken. It's still one of my favorites. Especially for the presence of Mother Maybelle Carter.

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n. davis rosback said...

i tweeted the music, because of your post, yesterday.
i received a tweet as how it helped someone.

i only know that it all has to do with what we call Love.
the kind of Love that we are being taught by the Spirit.

i don't know how this works exactly...but, it seems like that "is" how it works, by us not knowing...exactly, that is.