Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Romans Reading Plan

Since I'm back to blogging through Romans again, I thought I'd just mention again what this reading/blogging plan is all about. I'm reading through Romans very slowly this year, spending the whole year on this one book. I've divided it up into 12 segments, one for each month. The April segment, for example, is 5:1-6:14. Here's the whole plan:

January Rom 1:1-2:11
February Rom. 2:12-3:20
March Rom. 3:21-4:25
April Rom. 5:1-6:14
May Rom. 6:15-7:24
June Rom. 8
July Rom. 9:1-10:4
August Rom. 10:5-11:24
September Rom. 11:25-12:21
October Romans 13 & 14
November Rom. 15
December Rom. 16

I'm trying to look at my life through the lens of Romans. I'm trying to let the words of Paul, in effect, sit me down and ask me discomforting questions. I find that this reading and re-reading longish passages of Scripture every day has the benefit, eventually, of breaking through your rote responses and routine applications.

Since commentaries can sometimes get in the way of devotional reading, I'm not using them (although I've been tempted at times). But I am reading a devotional based entirely on Romans and written by Ray Ortlund, called Passion for God. It's really wondrful. And Ray Ortlund is of course a wonderful blogger, too.

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