Monday, April 05, 2010

Monday Whatnot

Well, it's about time someone poked a little fun at the pretensions of the Christian-conference industy.


Jared "King of the Simile" Wilson:
why do churches treat the resurrection like it's the heartworm medicine you put in a hot dog to trick the dog?


In case you hadn't heard, self-loathing is not a fruit of the Spirit. Mark Galli wisely guides the discussion away from self-worth altogether. This is a great article. Galli is so frequently quotable, it's hard to choose, but here's another just-right piece of thinking:
At this point, many will wonder, "So what's wrong with feeling good about ourselves?" and "But don't people have value?" These very questions, however, arise out of a worldview that is addicted to thinking about the self. It's like an alcoholic asking, "Isn't wine a gift of God to be enjoyed in gratefulness?" In one way, it's a legitimate question, but when asked by an addict, the right answer will only tempt the addict and make things worse! If we who are addicted to the self try to answer questions of human dignity and self-worth head on, we'll just fall into a drunken stupor of narcissism.


And now just do me a favor and read this. Really.

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