Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To whom it may concern...

I've decided to activate Google Ads on my blog.  Not exactly sure why.  When I see these ads on other blogs I just automatically ignore them.  Internet ads have a certain invisibility for me, at least most of the time.  But anyway, there they are, just below the top post.  

Also, I've activated Amazon Associates in blogger.   I link to so many books here, I thought it might make things easier, and I truly do like Amazon as a book vendor.  I once worked as an acquisitions librarian for a university library, buying books full time, and I learned to value Amazon as one of my primary sources.  They do what they do very well.  I've learned to use them as a tool for discovering new books, much more useful than the best library catalog!  

As an associate, I guess you make a few pennies when somebody buys a book via your link.  With as little traffic as I get here, it won't amount to much, but there you have it.  In the past I've often debated with myself as to what vendor to link to in a post.  I love Barnes and Noble, and I love, which compares many book vendors for the best price.  I believe in getting the best price!  But from here on in the primary way I link to book info will be through  


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