Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Whatnot

Check out A Striped Armchair. This is a reader's blog. That is to say, the blog of one dedicated reader. She read 400 books last year alone!


Janet Goodrich at Across the Page has recently finished reading The Revelation. She draws a few wise conclusions.


What do we do with our desires? 1) Feed them. 2) Deny them. The Jazz Theologian riffs on this theme quite nicely here. Provocative quote: "I think that most Christians, in practice at least, are as Buddhist as Tiger wants to be ... unfortunately." Great post.


Here's something that I think everybody should read. It's simply a sample of Tim Keller's booklet on idolatry, which is of course your fundamental sin and mine too. It's profoundly important, filling a massive teaching-gap in the body of Christ. Really, you should read it carefully. It's only one piece of Keller's small group teaching package called The Gospel in Life.

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nAncY said...

cool stuff.

i put the blogges into google reader.

loved the article.

book looks good.