Saturday, March 27, 2010

The March Poem

I said I would write one poem per month, each poem named for the month in which it was written. [Here's January and February.] Every poem so far has been about birds. A theme of mine, I suppose. Faithful reader Nancy reminded me that this one was nearly due. Here you go!

March 2010

What's all this hubbub from on high?
This skyward squawking? These
streaming v's

of long-necked messengers

I think they spell desire
in their cloudy wind-disheveled script.

I think
they do not understand despair.

What question do they ask and answer
in their fleeting speech?

"Look! Do you not see it?
Even now it springs up!"


Erin Hope said...

hey i finally got along to looking up mary oliver, got 3 of her books from the library. thanks for the suggestion, she is great.
...and being around a friend with a type-writer has somehow made me more inspired to write poetry lately.

Bob said...

Yeah, typewriters help you sense the shape of the poem on the page. Oliver gives her poems wonderful shapes that seem just right.

nAncY said...

i like the
which so much describes the sound and makes me grin.

i love the whole thing.

Bob said...

Thanks, Nancy. And thanks for the nudge!

togetherforgood said...

Oh, I just love spring. And I love your capture of it. Well done. :)