Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Book Notes

I'm still reading Pacific Alamo: The Battle for Wake Island, and I'm beginning to think it's the best "battle book" I've ever read. Amazing.


Last week at the library I picked up an old biography of Charlemagne by Harold Lamb. Lamb wrote what used to be called "boy's books," usually in the form of novel-like biographies of historical figures (Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Hannibal). I'm sure he's nearly forgotten now (or, shall we say, neglected), but his books are fun and exciting. His Wikipedia page is informative, and his "official" fan page is here.


Finally, I'm still reading Darrell W. Johnson's Discipleship on the Edge, which is wonderful.  Johnson manages to treat the Book of Revelation as a discipleship tool rather than a mere collection of Christian arcana. His writing is clear, down to earth, insightful, and passionate.