Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday Whatnot

The Neglected Book Page. I love the concept. There is a great library of neglected books out there, some justly neglected, but some not. The Neglected Book Page is combing the shelves.


Trevin Wax has advice for those who want to read more. His personal goal is 100 books per year! I'm not inclined to set numerical goals, but Trevin's advice is nonetheless interesting.


I'd put David Fitch's Backyard Missionary on my blogroll, only Blogger can't detect a feed. Anyway his latest, Not a Franchise, is really interesting.


Some great stuff at Sermon Jams. Listen.


Speaking of books, you can pre-order Michael Spencer's Mere Churchianity: Finding Your Way Back to Jesus-shaped Spirituality, which is due out in September.



rick said...

makes me want to download some more from the Velvet Fog ...

Erin Hope said...

don't know if you've got time for this with all your other blogging, but i'd be interested in hearing your thoughts about the kingdom....granted, that's not a short subject, but all the same.... Also what Jesus is saying in matt 6 in the entire part preceding the one verse about seeking the kingdom first that people love to quote....