Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Whatnot

A new play by David Mamet? I love his work. I think he's a genius. Reviewer Elizabeth Gates says of Race:
...Mamet spares nobody in this piece and in turn causes the audience at large to examine their own deeply rooted racial biases and to reevaluate even the smallest, seemingly harmless action against their fellow man. This play artfully pronounces the many strains of self doubt and internal conflict we all face within ourselves and places it all under one roof without hope for escape.

I ussually have a luddite reaction to new technology at first, then eventually come around. I don't know about the ebook though. I think it will encourage still more hyperactive reading. But Michael Hyatt, who is more knowledgeable than me on these matters, wrote an interesting post ominously (imho) titled, The End of Book Publishing as We Know It.

12 Coolest Cubicles

I just picked up a book about a battle in the South Pacific during WWII that I knew absolutely nothing about. The book is called, The Last Stand of the Tin Can Soldiers, by James D. Hornfischer. It is at once harrowing and awe-inspiring. I highly recommend it. [Note: this Amazon review appears to be written by an actual participant in the battle].

William Tighe, writing for Touchstone, on the story behind December 25.

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