Saturday, November 28, 2009

Monday Whatnot

Introverts in the Church.
many introverted Christians struggle with how to find balance between their own natural tendencies and evangelical perspectives on community and evangelism. A subtle but insidious message can permeate these communities, a message that says God is most pleased with extroversion.
As an introvert, I've often thought about this.


“Charlotte says she is hung over, so she can’t make the spiritual formation study group.”


Joseph Bottom, editor of First Things, on the disappearance of Advent. Everything about our feverish pursuit of the "Christmas spirit" seems directly antagonistic to the essence of Advent, which is all about quiet waiting and contemplation. American Christmas is an Advent-killer. All of which corroborates my long-held cranky belief that Christmas-as-we-know-it is essentially evil.

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