Sunday, November 08, 2009

Missio Dei

So I've been transitioning out of the Vineyard church for some time. A couple of years of attendance but with declining engagement (a phenomenon I have struggled with) has led to this. Long conversations and sometimes annoying snarkiness (on my part) have been a part of the process.

I have no desire to complain about my old church, but some sort of tipping point was reached earlier this year, and since then I've been quietly waiting for some guidance from God about finding a new place to worship in community on Sunday mornings. I've not been "church shopping," but I have been looking, wondering, waiting. Waiting for something that "feels right."

So now it looks like we're attending a local "missional" church planted by the Acts29 Network. It's much closer, it's much smaller, and it's much simpler. They meet in the cafeteria of an inner-city school. They're committed to the city. They read from the ESV! The grace of God in Christ is their theme.

It's funny how this transition has simply happened. At no point have I tried to convince anyone (my wife, or the other couple that often comes to church with us) that we should make this change, but we have drifted like a gaggle of ducklings in this same direction at roughly the same time. And now find ourselves waddling ashore at the same spot.

Heh. I love goofy metaphors.

So, anyway, here I am . . . here we are . . . in a new church and all of us kind of delighted. Thank you, God. Rock on.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,
Your story sounds very similar to my own experience. I recently felt lead to leave my church of twenty years for a church in the acts 29 network.

Kind of funny though they actually broke away from the Vineyard a couple of years ago.

I have a google account but can't remember my ID, so I signed in anonymous.
Paul Walton

Anonymous said...

i love ducklings

Brian said...

My wife and I have also "drifted" along in the same direction and I feel extremely fortunate that it has happened this way. I know other couples where one has had a change of heart or convictions and the other has not. Its not easy for them and it can cause a great strain on their marriage.

So count yourself blessed and I'll do the same. :)