Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let's sing!

Here's an interesting article by the legendary rock icon Brian Eno. Singing, it turns out, is good for us.
I believe that singing is the key to long life, a good figure, a stable temperament, increased intelligence, new friends, super self-confidence, heightened sexual attractiveness and a better sense of humor. A recent long-term study conducted in Scandinavia sought to discover which activities related to a healthy and happy later life. Three stood out: camping, dancing and singing.
This should come as no surprise, of course, but as Eno points out, group singing (just for the joy of it) has become a rare practice. Eno writes:
So I believe in singing to such an extent that if I were asked to redesign the British educational system, I would start by insisting that group singing become a central part of the daily routine. I believe it builds character and, more than anything else, encourages a taste for co-operation with others. This seems to be about the most important thing a school could do for you.
I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time. Gather some friends together who have similar tastes in music, and just start singing together. I've already queried my Facebook friends. If you're reading this and you live in southern Maine, and especially if you're interested in singing mostly traditional music, let me know!

Here's Eno's group singing songlist, by the way. It's jibes pretty closely with the kinds of things I'd like to be singing with others.
Can't Help Falling In Love
Love Me Tender
Keep On the Sunny Side
Sixteen Tons
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
If I Had a Hammer
Love Hurts
I'll Fly Away
Down By the Riverside
Chapel of Love
Wild Mountain Thyme
Que Sera, Sera
Cotton Fields

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i can not join you as i live on the other side of this country...however i will take this advice and sing.

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