Saturday, October 18, 2008

Michael Horton's New Book

Michael Horton's important new book (not yet out but you can pre-order at half-price here) is called and this should surprise no one - Christless Christianity. Probably no one has diagnosed the situation of the contemporary church in America better than Horton. You can download a pdf of the first chapter here, Nothing gives you a better sense of the book's content than the chapter titles, which are as follows.

1. Christless Christianity: The American Captivity of the Church
2. Naming Our Captivity: Moralistic, Therapeutic Deism
3. Smooth Talking and Christless Christianity
4. How We Turn the Good News into Good Advice
5. Your Own Personal Jesus
6. Delivering Christ: The Message and the Medium
7. A Call to Resistance


Anonymous said...

if you read it...

maybe you can post on it.

Bob Spencer said...

Maybe I'll do that!