Sunday, December 02, 2007

Reality Check 1

Let's call this the first in a series (hence, #1). The series is called "Reality Check" and each one highlights a blogpost that is seriously realistic about the world, the church, and the blogger in the light of what Jesus has said and done. Got that?

This first "Reality Check" features Michael ("No Relation") Spencer's Standing on My Own Trap Door.
I don’t believe we can possibly get anywhere past what God has revealed in Jesus, and by Jesus I mean Jesus, not the character currently appearing in someone’s systematic and complete theology under that name.

We can discuss all sorts of sentences, but we can only know God in and through Jesus Christ. By Jesus Christ I mean Jesus of Nazareth, New Testament revealed, Old Testament concealed, actual God-Man Jesus of the Creeds. Not Jesus dressed up as a speaker at your favorite conference or a professor at your favorite seminary or Jesus hovering over your blog nodding with approval.

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