Thursday, November 01, 2007

What I did on Halloween

So I had just handed out the last piece of brightly-packaged tooth-decay to the last outrageously-garbed tot, and Halloween seemed about over. By 8:30 I was into my pjs and ready to enjoy my brief and quiet daily slide into that state known as "sleepyhead," when the phone rang and by golly it was our old friend Meghan Yates, back in town for her CD release party. "Hey," says Meghan, for that is the way she greets you on the phone. Then she said, "I'm back in town for my CD release party. Come on out!"

So slipping quickly into my "street clothes," I and m'lady trucked across town to a little bar called Slainte, where people were dressed up in every costume possible between Dick Cheney and a giant avocado. Somebody asked m'lady and me what we were dressed as. M'lady answered, "An old married couple." Hmmmm.

Anyway, Meghan didn't hit the stage until I was well beyond "sleepyhead" and on into "oblivion." We left after a couple of songs, saying to ourselves, Meghan will understand. Meghan always understands.

Meghan, this is all my way of saying, we love you we love you we love you. Come and see us soon!

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whimsymim said...

Hey! I never did see this post! Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou too! and now I live here, and see you every week!