Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sacred Marriage

So m'wife says to me, "Bobby, I think we need do read a book together or something. I'll leave it to you to pick something out." So I did a little "research" (mainly browsing Amazon and perusing the reader comments) and picked this one:

It looks really good. Here's the blurb from John Ortberg:
"Gary Thomas reminds us that marriage can be a laboratory for the spirit. He gives wise, historically informed counsel to help couples not merely enjoy their marriage, but use their relationship to form Christ in one another."
We read the first chapter together last night. It's thoughtful and refreshingly free of the usual routine truisms. I think we're gonna like it!

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Jared said...

Oh my goodness, this is the best marriage book out there! (Okay, it's the best that I've read. :-)

I horde copies so I can give them out to anybody I know who gets married. Gary Thomas is one of the Church's greatest writers of "Christian Living," and it's a shame he operates pretty much under the radar.