Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Music, Please!

One of the the things I've realized lately is that I just don't have enough music in my days. You know, I'm not exactly delighted with most radio play, including our local Christian Contemporary station (ick). Anyway, so I'm keen to add music to my life, whether or not it falls under the "Christian" label. I tend to like Old-Time music best, acoustic instruments, music that is firmly connected to musical traditions, and tasteful vocals free of the American-Idol inspired plague of "over-singing" every note.

Well, all that is prologue to this: I'm sitting here listening to something wonderful. It's called Wake the Slumbering Children. This stuff is simply beautiful. Plenty of extended samples on this site, so give it a good listen. And thanks to fellow-Mainer Josh for the heads-up! My favorites so far are Go to Dark Gethsemane and Hear Our Prayer, but no, scratch that, the whole thing is outstanding.

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