Saturday, October 20, 2007

Reporting In

M'boy Tim greeted us, his mom & dad, with a nice surprise the other day. Tickets to see Emmy Lou! The show was last night and was it ever sweet. And don't I have a sweet son, too!

[BTW, if you're interested, scads of great video of EmmyLou's performances from over the years at YouTube, of course]

On the spiritual front (the italics in this case indicate that I consider the word just a little inadequate, perhaps even a tad silly and embarrassing, but I'm using it anyway for lack of a better), I'm trying to learn what it means to walk out my salvation, to "be being saved." More on this perhaps in a later post.

Meanwhile, ever since I finished a long period of reading (and rereading) The Gospel of John a while back I've been scrounging through the Scriptures in a somewhat unsatisfactory manner (although I did manage to read through Matthew and Revelation in the process). Well, this morning I made my decision (I think). I'm going to read the Gospel of John again. It seems that only there my heart is satisfied these days!


Anonymous said...

howdy brother,
since you actually are walking out your salvation, i have a suggestion, to change the name of your blog to "walking saved" or maybe "saved man walking".


Bob said...

I like the suggestions, but I've already changed blog-names several times. I'm happy with In the Clearing for the time being!