Saturday, September 01, 2007

Taking a brief break

So I've been churning out lengthy blogposts at an alarming rate (for me), but I'm going away for a few days to see my lovely sister-in-law, Canal Gal Sal. So things will be quiet in the clearing until perhaps Wednesday I suppose.

My postings lately have all been about discipleship, and they represent my own attempt to understand. Blogging for me is really ultimately an outlet for my need to work out what I'm thinking. Better, to find out what I'm thinking. These are not well-crafted essays born of settled wisdom, but a means of searching, of whacking through the weeds to find the path again. Someone asked me once, "But why would anyone want to read your blog?" A good question, to which I do not have an answer. But I'd be scribbling this stuff down anyway, so I might as well scribble it here, right?

My posts so far in this series on discipleship, repetitive and meandering, are these:

Vampire Christianity

A Gospel Tableau
What ever happened to eternity?
the Disciple Follows Jesus
The Triad of Discipleship: Believe in Jesus, Love Jesus, Abide in Jesus
The Curse of Soft Legalism
On Looking Unto Jesus

A lot of what will follow in this series will draw from Walter Marshall's The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification, which is blowing up a lot my mental landscape even as I read it. A wonderful and amazing book. See you after the "no labor day" weekend!

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Anonymous said...

oh. we are still on break, are we?