Monday, June 18, 2007

What gives you life?

My son's pastor said something very interesting the other day. My son was telling him about his plans to go to graduate school, and also his indecision about the matter. Is it what he really wants to do? And if so, what sort of program? Which makes the most sense as a career descision, etc.

Carter (my son's pastor) stopped him abruptly: "Wait a minute," he said. "Don't ask yourself which decision will lead to a better job. Ask yourself what you'd really like to be doing for the rest of your life. In a nutshell, what is it that gives you life? Because the world doesn't need more people doing jobs they'd rather not be doing, it needs more people with life in them! So ask yourself, what is it that really gives you life? Then do that."

Good advice.


SLW said...

Yes, that is good advice (and from someone young?). God makes the heart too, and moves the spirit. To ignore that "voice" is to restrict God's leadership of our lives.

Callmeteem said...

Yes that sure is good advice and evidence of a genuine pastoral concern.

Anonymous said...

yep...God gave me life, is my life, saved my life, lights up my life, fills me with life, and lives in me. Praise God!foylj

Anonymous said...

foylj means...i missed the word verification box.