Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sick of preaching?

Nate at Into the Desert tells of a friends who is sick of preaching. That's apparently something you don't want to say too loudly among Christians . . . what ever will they think?

Me, I'm not sick of preaching, not exactly, but my tolerance for certain kinds of preaching has reached its nadir. That means, I'm intolerant of it. The kind of preaching I'm talking about here is the kind that presupposes that the listeners are all a simpering bunch of weak-kneed ninnies who have just been up all night crying. They've got all kinds of problems and burdens in their lives, and all they really need is a good spiritual bucking-up.

Yup, I'm sick of that kind of preaching. And although I have stated the case in extreme terms here, I find that most of the pop-preachers and Christian media-darlings are serving up just this sort of drool. It seems to have become the preaching default position. When in doubt, treat them like children!

There, I feel better now.

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