Sunday, June 03, 2007

Kapic on Owen

This morning I read Kelly M. Kapic's introduction to the new edition of John Owen's Overcoming Sin and Temptation, edited by Kapic and Justin Taylor. Since much of what I do here at In the Clearing is simply to recommend the good things I've been reading, I do highly recommend Kapic's introduction, available through Google Print.

In the past I have struggled through Owen's treatise on the mortification of sin, but am rather eager now to read Owen in Taylor and Kapic's new edition, which has removed archaic spelling and clarified the syntax for modern readers (I need all the help I can get). In any case, Kapic's introduction is in itself a model of clarity and graceful exposition.

One of things I've noticed in my reading is that many the modern authors that I admire inevitably quote Owen. His work has continued to have a salutary influence on the Church down through the years. Here's an nice exceprt from Kapic:
Ever deepening communion with God occurs as the Spirit draws us to the Father through the Son. The Father will allow none to be snatched from his hand, the Son incarnate is a truly sympathetic high priest who is the lover of our souls, and the Spirit applies the atoning work of Christ to us. Thus, Owen reminds believers to keep these truths in mind as they face temptation, bringing their "lust to the gospel," lest they lose sight of the sufficient sacrifice and restorative grace found in God's work.


Anonymous said...

I have a question. It is not about this entry, however, I want to say that I am asking this because I wonder about people...not because I am trying to be impolite. Are you living in a place that you can not get out, like a prision, or do you just like to write about books a lot?

Bob said...

Ummm, that's a funny question. But anyway, the answer is, I just like to write about books a lot.

NaNcY said...

Yes, it is a funny question. Thanks for answering. You have a kind heart and a spitit of love. I have not been reading your blog long. It sounds like you love to read and I enjoy reading your blog. Though, I could never get through as many books as you do. Right now, I am reading "Prayer, Does it make a difference?" by Philip Yancey.

Bob said...

Ah, I thought it was you. BTW, my son loves the Yancey book you're reading. I haven't got to that one yet, but I've loved the 2 or 3 other books by Yancey that I've read.

And of course, reading well is way more important that reading more. Or perhaps I should say reading good books well. Of course I enjoy reading, but if you cruise around the blogosphere you'll find readers that make me look downright pokey!

I think perhaps I'll be posting something about why I like to read in the near future. Thanks for being a regular here, Nancy. I love having you drop by, and I love your comments.

Ever think of starting a blog of your own?

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