Thursday, April 19, 2007

Righteousness (and all that)

Frequent check-ins with Michael Spencer atThe Internet Monk are always a good thing. Michael wrote a post recently called Hunger and Thirst after (Christ's) Righteousness. Therein he asks a silly little question:
If the righteousness of Christ is so important, why are Christians always finding ways to create their own righteousness?
That's a good, good question. I'm guessing any one of us can count at least three ways we've done that in the past week. IMonk himself provides a lengthy checklist of his own. I won't quote the whole list, but here's a taste:
The righteousness of knowledge. Bible knowledge included.

The righteousness of better theology, right theology, awesome theology, kick ___ theology and truly reformed theology.

The righteousness of emerging, cool, culturally hip theology.

The righteousness of my theology.

The righteousness of no theology I’m just into Jesus.

The righteousness of fundamentalism and being way beyond fundamentalism.

The righteousness of morality, doing the right thing, being prudent, walking between the lines and never having a wrong thought.

The righteousness of feeling superior because of your humility.

The righteousness of political action.
And the list goes on, because Michael is nothing if not thorough. And well worth reading.

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