Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ears Pinned Back!

I've been hearing good things about a little church in Asheville, NC, called The Body. As it happens, there are 4 brief audio messages from the pastor--his beautifully Southern name is Carter Pounders--at the website (here). The message entitled Bondage happens to jibe with a lot of my thinking lately, for what it's worth. I love this message. This is getting to the real foundation of sanctification, folks. And the one line that I'll probably carry around with me for a long time:
What do heirs of Christ and princes of the Kingdom do? They run around with their ears pinned back and their hair flying in the wind . . . running in the grace and forgiveness of the Father!

[HT: Into the Desert]

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Rich Tatum said...

Hi, Bob,

This is Rich Tatum, the BlogRodent. I'm currently updating my PneumaBlogs list (a list of select Pentecostal, Charismatic, A/G, CoG, and Foursquare bloggers) and I was hoping to get contact information from you. (You're on my list!)


The list looks a little raw right now because I'm still recovering from moving to a new server.

Would you mind shooting me an email? Let me know if you don't want to be included, and I'll take you off. Otherwise, just holler at me, and I'll have current contact information for you in case I need to update my listing or verify information.



(PS: Sorry for the drive-by comment, but I couldn't find contact information for you.)