Saturday, May 01, 2010

The April Poem

The gentle prodding of Nancy finally got to me. This morning I finally wrote my April poem. My goal has been to write a poem each month. This one, then, is called April. It begins with a line from a poem by Richard Jackson, called Villanelle of the Crows. It feels a bit forced, this April poem, but it's all I've got just now.


The heart sometimes panics, stumbling to fly off with the crows,
but the crows will have none of it. They don't care
about my sadly dazzled ticker.

They hasten to treetops, fringing the view with slashes of black,
brooding nervously like disdainful mourners
at a stranger's wake.

Featherless one, they call, groundling, gawker! They cringe
and bob and preen and caw. They know nothing
of the hopeful heart,

which quickly regains its awkward balance, steps back
for a running start, spreads sudden wings
and leaps into startled flight.


Anonymous said...

of birds
and the flight
of a hopeful
on wings
brings a smile
to mine

S. Etole said...

found you via Nancy ... you've aptly described those crows

Maureen said...

Also came over from Nancy's place.

I think it's marvelous you're trying out poetry. Everyone should.

I like especially your image of a "stumbling" heart, the crows' "fringing the view with slashes of black" and "brooding nervously like disdainful mourners" (that "disdainful" is unexpected).

You are a very good observer, and so create some strong imagery here.

Will look forward to seeing more from you.

Louise Gallagher said...

Nancy left a note on her blog to 'look inside'. I'm so glad you did. Your imagery and words are powerful.

Diane Walker said...

Once a month isn't enough. This was lovely; I want more...